Sunday, July 25, 2010

one of these things is not like the other...

My family room - or as they call it in my now-neck-of-the-woods (Atlanta): the GREAT room.
I love my "great" room! It is the gathering spot right for the family, including the dog, who loves to straddle the ottomon or lie curled up at the edge of the couch. The cat has her own spot, too - the wood bowl (hand crafted by a friend's father & made out of Dogwood - LOVE it!) - yes, the cat curls up in the bowl and it is the cutest, precious--iest thing!
So, this is "the room." Our main room. And other than that bag of fireplace "embers" my husband put next to the hearth (why didn't I notice that BEFORE I took the picture?), that I've moved a gazillion times but somehow keeps ending up THERE, ugh!, I'm totally, completely happy with this room. Including the one thing that stands out like a sore thumb, is not my style, I wouldn't have paid money for but will not, most likely, ever remove from it's prominent location: the brass fireplace screen and tool set.
Family heirlooms. Stuck with them, but it's not so bad. I like having this one "eye sore" that sticks out and makes me sigh, makes me feel the need to point out & explain to visiting designer friends, lest they doubt my good taste in design - Blasphemy!!!, makes me proud to have prominently displayed in my home so I never, ever forget my heritage, my family, my kin and where I get my exceptionally good taste.


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