Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to my world!

This blog is supposed to be about the way we work, whether our work space is a kitchen, a truck, a cubicle or a fully-equipped office. It's also supposed to be about motivation, efficiency, productivity... and, sadly, it's about how I don't seem to work! What gets in my way, overcoming distractions, struggles getting it all together, etc.

Just this weekend we were laughing about professionals being lax at home. The pharmacist said, "there's no medicine in my house! Heaven forbid someone need an aspirin or a band-aid." The logistical coordinator chuckled, "don't ask me where a pad and pencil are when it comes time to jot something down during a phone call!" The moving company owner piped up: "I've got boxes in the basement that have been there since the day we moved in 3 years ago!" And I sat there with my mouth shut (but was thinking: please, please don't go upstairs & see my workroom! I will never work in this town again...).

And so a new weekly series has been born from the depths of my overloaded brain: a weekly picture of my current "desk" and a quick synopsis of what's on my agenda for the days ahead. Another ploy to show you, "see, I get it. I live it, too. We're all in this together!"

And there it is! I don't know what to say except "Welcome to my world!" This is my craft desk - it's an industrial metal storage shelf 2 layers high with a HUGE pressboard tabletop extending the edges. My desk chair is actually a barstool. I thought I'd WANT to work at this height. I thought I'd LIKE working at this height. I'm not sure that I don't to either. The reality is I don't work here much at all.

Obviously, I can't. Not only is it overly cluttered but I've got it filled with my futitle attempts at organization. The cascading filing system, the basket overflowing with stamps, the photo carousel, the dish drying rack (another filing system), the canvas basket (empty! why?), the clip-it-up organizer, the angled jars filled with office supplies, the empty retail gadget chip bag clipper-upper I found @ Goodwill & thought would be GREAT to put stuff on but haven't quite figured out what yet, the piles upon piles upon piles of "to-be-fileds"... whew!
Would it be shocking to learn that tonight I was up there sorting thru piles of papers and shifting miscellaneous items to & fro in search of some very important paperwork that is needed TOMORROW?
Um, no, I don't suppose it would be shocking...
So, this is my designated workspace. This is how I "work." And because I cannot work here without first investing NUMEROUS hours of organization & cleaning first, I have temporarily relocated to the dining room table. ~sigh~ It is what it is.
Probably not surprising is that cleaning off my worktable is NOT on the agenda this week! Instead I'll be focusing on a very busy week of events EVERY night this week, which happens to also be my son's first week back to school. Summer is OVER.
So my week will be a blur and flurry of activity, from getting back into a routine tomorrow morning to organizing pre-event activities to overseeing event coordination to hosting my cousin for an overnight mid-week to refamiliarizing myself with the school's website to last minute school supply shopping of items we somehow forgot to falling into bed utterly exhausted everynight but somehow managing to wake up & do it all over again the next day... from Monday to Monday this will be my life this coming week. And you know what? I really, truly wouldn't have it any other way.



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