Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31 Day Challenge

I've gone thru some major adjustments these past several weeks and I've had some epiphanies and revelations along the way... one thing I've admitted to myself is that I lack serious discipline.

In a profession that requires I teach & coach discipline, this seems quite ironic. But I've realized that my lifestyle of late has made my success as an organizer impossible. This blog for instance: I've lacked the time to commit to putting it together & updating it on a regular basis and therefore, I've failed. Simple as that.

One thing that stops me from blogging is not having the TIME to put my thoughts into coherent order. I'm a proofer and editor... over & over again. Takes more forever to get to publishing state (this goes for emails as well). So I'm putting myself on a 31-day challenge to blog everyday.

I almost didn't make today, FYI - yes, failing my first day! I let everything else on the to-do-list take precendence and was about to turn in without doing the blog, thinking "I'll start tomorrow." Well, as you can see, I've changed my mind. It's past midnight now but I'm still counting this as 12/1 since I started before midnight. And I'm not proofing & editing. I'm just going to publish as is. And it is what it is so here goes.


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