Saturday, August 7, 2010

Well, this has been a bummer of a day...

Having "one of those days," where things are just not falling into place like I hoped they would.  Had the restorer come by to price my table, and it turned into the table & chairs & the upholstery...  hmmm, I had the upholstery scheduled with someone else - at a better price!  But it really does make sense to keep this all with one vendor so I gave in - only to have the final quote be sooooo much more than I could have ever imagined! My husband gave his blessing, so we're moving forward, but I'm just not excited about spending all that money (altho I am excited to finally, after 12 years) have the dining room suit "suited" to me & my tastes.  Yay.  (that's a very weak "yay," FYI).  So, the day plods along & weather issues prevented my event from starting on time... an almost 2 hour delay!  And now, due to other circumstances, the event is limping along and this night feels never ending.  I still have a 45min ride home once I finally get out of here, which could be another hour yet.  Ugh.

Trying to make the most of it by working on my blog re-design, but guess what?  Somethng is off with the internet and I can't in to the templates.  Ggggrrrr!!!!  I suppose there is always tomorrow... which is kinda where I'm going with this post.

Sometimes we have to shift gears, reprioritize and adjust our sails.  It's not ideal and it can be discouraging, but we have to stay focused and stay on course, keeping our eyes on the horizon.  A set back is not the time to give up.  It's the time to dig in our heels and be determined.  If this is what we want, if this is a priority, then we will keep on keeping on.

So, tonight I'm shutting down the computer, but not in defeat, and dragging myself home to crawl in bed & wake up refreshed & rejuvenated & revived to try again tomorrow.  This rut tonight will not stop me from trying again tomorrow.    


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