Sunday, March 27, 2011

Desk Shot... what a week!

This past week... it kicked my butt.  For several months now, I have several projects going at once - 8, to be exact - and I gave ALL of them last Monday as a deadline.  As of Friday, not one of them was "complete."  The week was definitely a doozy.

The good news is I was smart enough to give a deadline well ahead of MY deadline, so even tho things are not done, I am still OK.  But the week, and the stress, and hiccups, still kicked my butt.

So a shopping spree today with two good friends was not only well-deserved, it was an absolute blessing.  I had such a great time and got some really good deals.

Wish the picture were clearer.  I don't really want to think about how much I actually spent, but every dime was worth it:  3 pairs of shoes, a gargoyle to ward off evil spirits, a plastic carafe, two bracelets, a cow hide!, a turquoise necklace, the oil & vinegar bottle set that matches my china pattern, some typewriter ribbon wheels - haha, what writer doesn't need those in a cute little bowl by her desk???, and a GREAT card from a GREAT friend.  What a GREAT way to wrap up a really busy week!



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