Tuesday, January 11, 2011

keeping up with the joneses

Love this expression!  It's a constant reminder to me that I need to keep things in perspective as I shop...  just why am I buying this particular thing?  Is it because I need it or is it because I want it or is it because I imagine the reaction of someone else when they see it???  Am I motivated because I think it's helping me project a certain image - and is that image legitimate?

As a lover of words, and as a lover of business development, AND a lover of design, imagine my delight to find out about Have You Met Miss Jones?, an Australian based decor shop.  I haven't quite investigated it yet, I just fell in love with the creative, CREATIVE name!  What a perfect name for a retail business!  Isn't the idea always that shoppers covet what we sell so they flock in swarms to our stores?  The image of a "Miss Jones" owning the most delightful trinkets & wares that we spy on her, or in her home, and desire to behold as our own?  To become "Miss Jones" ourselves?  And, with a name like "Jones," well, Miss Jones could be anybody.  Including us.

Oh, I love it!  Just love, love, LOVE this clever, clever name!  Simply, intricately, delightful.


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