Thursday, October 28, 2010

Desk Shot: Halloweenin'

Today's desk shot is my kitchen counter in preparation of tomorrow's Halloween party...  I should go as Martha Stewart!!!!!! I am either going all out or in over my head... not sure, just yet, which (witch? haha).  

7 little boys, including my own will be here to eat, drink & be scary.  Parents are invited, too, which means alcohol... and extra food... and more space to provide... and entertaining conversation... 


The best I've got is 7 haunting movies to choose from.  Kids are spending the night so at some point I've got to move the coffee table out of the center of the room so they can bed down on the floor in front of the TV.  Wondering HOW I'm going to stop them from sneaking out after we go to bed.  Ugh.  Just thought of that potential dilemma.  My husband has threatened to go to a Holiday Inn for the night (when he sees the receipt from Wal-mart alone he's realized we can't afford that right now).  I've been in high gear since 7a with all this cuz today is my only day off from work to get it all togethe. 

And, as usual, the to-do-list is llllooonnnggg...
  • grocery shop, check
  • dust, check
  • vacuum, er...
  • clean up my closet!
  • scrub the bathroom
  • fix the front porch decorations (storms for past 2 days)
  • color my hair red (excited about this one!!!)
  • wash drink glasses, check
  • go to the liquor store
  • decorate the pumpkins
  • put goody bags together
  • pull out the last tidbits of Halloween decor (where is my witch's hat???)
  • come up with fun menu item names (Werewolf Stew anyone?)
  • creative food name labels
  • go VOTE!
  • Buy a hostess gift & a birthday present for Saturday night's dinner
  • clean the upstairs (oh my...)
  • put up caution tape if I don't get around to cleaning up the upstairs
  • buy plastic ware (how did I forget that?)
  • buy 3 more pumpkins AND decorate them
  • carpet fresh the master bedroom, clean & dust (ggrrrr!!!!)
  • prepare mac-n-cheese, check
  • get the BBQ going in the crock pot, check
  • make ice cubes, in progress
  • give myself a mani & a pedi
  • pretend the this-didn't-go-so-well-red hair (what was I thinking?) is part of my costume & worry about fixing it later... maybe it will wash out???



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