Thursday, September 23, 2010

This week's desk shot

Aahhh... chaotic bliss???  Not exactly at the moment but hopefully Saturday I'll be jumping in the air to click my heels!  This is what I've dredged from the basement with optimistic anticipation of a worth-my-time-cuz-of-the-dough-I'll-make neighborhood yard sale.  I've been at it for 2 days now - despite the disorganized looking mess, it really is quite organized, and I'm on schedule, thank goodness.  Yesterday was the gathering, today is the grouping (and cleaning - ugh!), tomorrow is the tagging and Saturday @ 6a is the placing.  So far, it's cost me $20, 3 days vacation, some sweat, some disappointment, some melancholy tears, some reprimanding (of myself & my husband)...  And this collection is just a dent in what's left in the basement, but let's not worry about that until next year, 'k?



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