Sunday, August 15, 2010

desk shot!

Working on a Sunday...  I don't really mind.  This is the day I get my head together so I'm ready for the week.  My desk is a bit out of sorts, tho, isn't it?

Lots on the to-do-list this week:  get my photography blog caught up, finalize the scavenger hunt plans, find a home for an adorable puppy (whatever have I gotten myself into???), meet with some contractors to bid on a remodeling job and a landscaping redesign, itemize furniture inventory, shuffle some bookcases around in the atelier, send my beloved dining room table & chairs out for refinishing (at the tune of $1600, omgosh!), catch up on invoices, re-organize my project schedule, create a checklist for housekeeping sweeps, find my son's cleats, clear out old emails, take care of some filing, incorporate diet & exercise into my daily routine (yeah, right)...

Just a glimpse, and just a touch of what I'd really like to accomplish this week.  Instead of it being overwhelming, I find it liberating to list it all out.  And find it especially exhilarating to check them off one by one.  Love it!



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