Sunday, August 29, 2010

Desk Shot - not!

No workstation picture today, but definitely plenty of material to work with if I took the time.  Instead I've got a list of things on the to-do-list for this week:
  • file (ugh!)
  • pack up the atelier AND the guest room (ugh)
  • meet with the contractor on a renovation project
  • complete Lessons 1-3 for my photography class
  • organize my project schedule (ugh)
  • purge my closet (again???)
  • call the dermatologist
  • call my rheumatologist AND my obgyn while I'm at it (ugh)
  • upload the football pictures for my mommy-friends
  • at least Chapter 1 of my book debrief project...  at least Chapter 1...

WooHoo!  Braves just beasted an awesome 9th inning against the Marlins.  That was freakin' awesome!!!


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