Monday, August 23, 2010

another week, another desk shot...

This past week was a DOOZY!  But I absolutely love working under the gun like that.  I was focused and spot-on.  What needed to get done, got done, and if I had time for something else that wasn't "urgent," and felt like working that in, too, I did.  Started a new check-off system that seems to be working (so far).  I'm such a list maker and used to write down my daily "must do today" in my appt calendar.  Somehow, that got away from me & I've been a bit scrambled ever since.  Well, I went back to that system and had a much better, more organized, less stressful week.  Whew!  It's about time!

A busy weekend WITHOUT "work" for once but with plenty of "personal commitments" to accomplish that kept me on my feet & away from the keyboard, so last night I kicked back & played catch-up.  Here's my "desk shot" for this week:

Got my head together and came in ready to tackle some outstanding paperwork without feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Even managed to set aside time for a pre-office breakfast this morning with my mom, sister & niece and out-of-town relatives here over the weekend for a wedding... SUCH a good feeling when everything falls into place!



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