Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Bag Lady Cometh...

This is me EVERYDAY for the past few weeks, slugging (yes, slugging, not just "lugging") tons of "intentions" back & forth to work.  How ridiculous!  Well, as of 2 days ago, this is will be me NO MORE.  I've spent this weekend going thru every scrap of paper, weeding out what is unnecessary - foolhardy! - and am forcing myself to get down to ONE tote.  ONE.  Well, and my purse.  My purse is being used a tote in this picture (actually, that happens alot) - see the book?  That's because my "bags" were too full & too heavy already.  And, well, also, to remind me not to forget cuz the book was on it's way home, being returned to the friend that lent it to me, finally, after having finished it a week before.  ~sigh~

This will serve as my "desk shot" of the week because this represents a huge part of my "work."  What I load myself down with to accomplish "when I get a minute"...  Good intentions, bad idea.

As of today: The Bag Lady Goeth.


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