Monday, October 4, 2010

this week's DESK SHOT

All the effort I put into organizing my "project schedule" is already being challenged...  Today is my "business" day, but I've decided something else more pressing needs my attention (the whole point in MY to-do-list is to not forget anything, and simply by having it recorded, in an accessible place, "unclutters" my mind, so I'm free to do exactly what I'm doing now: deviate and prioritize as needed!). 

So!  What needs my attention so desperately this week?  It's my photos.  Yep, they're out of control.  Friday is "photo organization day," but last Friday was my "project schedule organization/download day" (with this Monday, today, the intended "get on project schedule schedule" kick off day), so I didn't work on my pictures... ~sigh~

All's well, tho - truly!  I'm in a good place.  I'm getting my brain uncluttered and I've got a project management plan in place - and a blog - to help me keep this all in control.  I can't think about the fact that this blog was supposed to be TOTALLY different than what it has become (and that relates to my "business" day, but let's not mentally go there right now...).  I'm 50% thru the picture organization process - will LOVE checking that off my list.  In all honesty, it's holding up some other to-do's from getting done.  Ugh!

Other items on this week's to-do-list:
  • get car work scheduled
  • pull out Halloween decor (what fun!)
  • clear out my office
  • schedule the contract to quote out the upstairs remodel
  • turn in receipts from the scavenger hunt
  • design photo/scrapbooking log
  • print out craft project pictures
  • 5-days worth of posts for the DBC blog
  • package to B&V
Ok, ok, that is PLENTY!  But, oh, there is soooo much more I could add!  Pacing myself... baby steps...



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