Sunday, October 10, 2010

this week's DESK shot!

It's HALLOWEENin' time!!!

My favorite time of the year - yes, Halloween ranks up there just a tad above Christmas.  I have soooo much Halloween decor (and I like the rough stuff, not the cute stuff - witches, ghosts & skulls, oh my!), and despite my best intentions, somehow add to my collection every year!  I cannot seem to resist...

I'd prefer to have my stuff up by October 1st, but this year, well, I got behind...  work is busy-busy-busy now, and it's unpredictable, so my first opportunity was this weekend.  And only yesterday (Saturday).  I hauled it all out (well, all I could find - apparently, at least one box is missing!  WTH?) and was up until 11:30p putting something here, then there, then here again.  Still not done.  The tweaking will commence throughout the week...

A quick check of last week's to-do-list to see how I did:
  • organize pictures on computer - in progress... (halfway there!!!)
  • get car work scheduled - in progress...
  • pull out Halloween decor (what fun!) - check!
  • clear out my office - fail
  • schedule the contract to quote out the upstairs remodel - check!
  • turn in receipts from the scavenger hunt - fail
  • design photo/scrapbooking log - fail
  • print out craft project pictures - fail
  • 5-days worth of posts for the DBC blog - fail
  • package to B&V - fail

 This week's to-do-list:  .... never mind... the Braves just lost their lead in game 3 and I'm now too bummed to think about anything else.



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