Friday, October 22, 2010

Desk Shot!: before-during-after

"My Wrap Station" is one of my pride & joys in this house - I absolutely LOVE it!  I love having a place to go, with access to all my rolls of papers, tissue, bags, boxes, tape, ribbon, scissors... 

I don't love it's location (the basement).  I don't love that it often becomes a "dumping ground" area, because of said location.  I don't like that it's 2 floors below my other craft supplies, like my card kits.  I don't like that there are no windows, no television, no artwork, inspiring or otherwise.  It does need some work, but despite all that I don't love about it, I love it just the same!!! 

So this week, totally unplanned & ill-prepared, I stumbled upon my "wrap station" amidst it's chaotic piles of debris...  typical of this time of year, FYI, since it is nestled in the corner of my seasonal decor storage...  I was in search of some missing Halloween decor (which I never did find, darnit!) and thought, maybe, possibly, the missing stuff could potentially be buried beneath the mass of debris piled in this particular area???  Maybe??? 

Alas, no... but the exercise of clearing away all the debris and being able to see the floor again, set aside several bags worth of giveaways and start to envision some potential, some real design potential, for the space was quite rejuvenating. My mind is still reeling with ideas...

Typical of any type of organizing project, things got worse before they got better - altho, how they could have gotten worse than what I started with, I could not say...  the first picture was actually taken after I started, because it occured to me, after I was up to my elbows in it, that THIS would make a GREAT Desk Shot! this week.  The second picture was when I went from elbows to eyeballs in the process...

And now, we have not-quite-serene-success-but-I'll-take-it-cuz-it's-better-than-what-it-was:

And I'm soooo happy!!!  Let the re-visioning process begin!



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