Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This blog has become my accountability blog which was NOT my intention when I first got started.  I wanted it to be a resource of ideas and creativity to establish goals, develop plans to achieve them, maintain our lives and filter thru it examples of how people work, put things together, get things done.  But I've realized as I try to do this, that I need to put some elbow grease into my own life before I can possibly expect to share my work meaningfully with anyone else.

Just this morning I caught a blurb on the "Today" show about eating disorders.  The main idea behind it was getting to the root of the problem: why were these people destroying themselves, endangering their lives, over food? As with any information we come across, I internalized it and decided today would be a day I investigated the emotional connections I have with my own destructive behaviors.

motivated by impressing others
spending money
ignoring our finances
resisting my faith
unhealthy eating habits
lack of exercise
negligent homekeeping
constant daydreaming
stifling my professional credibility
over extending myself with projects
no follow-thru
shunning my appearance

Ugh.  The list goes on...  As I start to ponder these things, all kinds of reasons & explanations pop into my head.  Do I need therapy?  I really don't think so, but I do need to start addressing them.  I don't like putting "me" out there, out here, but maybe I should...  I can always hit the "delete" button, right?


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