Friday, November 19, 2010

Desk Shot: 11/19/20

I honestly have no idea what happened...  today, while knocking out some of my ever-present, never-done to-do-list, my blog popped into my head.  How could I have forgotten it???  I truly did!  I've been so busy and focused on work that I just totally forgot about this... forgot about my weekly desk shot, forgot about posting my to-do-list, then bragging about what I accomplished.  So odd!  Especially since I've been quite the list-checker-offer these past few weeks.  Huh.  I'm cornfused (yes, I intentionally spelled that "corn-fused," and no, I have no idea why).

So here I sit on a Friday night - in my jammies, in my bed, with the laptop poised and some thoughts running thru my brain...  a long, long list of what needs to be done:  starting HERE.  The bedside table.  Not just because it's my desk tonight, but because it represents one of my biggest challenges these days: my to read list.  And my laundry pile.  And my housekeeping nudge.  And my stay-connected station.  And my bible study workstation.  And my tickler to take care of myself (diet, exercise AND beauty sleep).  There is also a very special photograph on this night stand...  a photo of my beloved grandmother.  I miss her so!!!  And she was, and still is, such an inspiration to me.  She keeps me motivated so I like her here, near me, as a reminder every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep, that I'm to do my best, and to stay focused, and to not give up.

Lots of significance on this little cabinet.  Absolutely tons of it.



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