Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Desk Shot... A long to-do-list

After weeks upon weeks of non-stop working, including weekends, tomorrow I am taking a much needed day off...  but, as I sit here now, it will not be a day of leisure & rest.

The house is chaos.  Chaos I say!

The closets are out of control...

And all the "splurges" I've gone on these past few months (stress relievers?) have accumulated on the dining room table...

It doesn't help that I added another $170 to both the closet chaos and the dining room table accumulation just this afternoon...

These are my "desk shot(s)" - I will be busy tomorrow finding each & every piece a home while organizing & cleaning as I go...  could this be a situation of eyes bigger than my stomach?  Wish me luck that I don't run out of steam too soon...



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