Sunday, June 5, 2011

Desk Shot: ~sigh~ another week...

And here we go again...  another week of to-dos to muddle thru.  Trying to have a new attitude, be focused...  I'm looking forward to this week because my boss & my nemesis will be gone!  All week!!!  I have every intention of knocking out quite a few things, both professionally & personally.  Can NOT wait.

tires rotated
bank deposit
should I order that sapphire necklace I saw in the catalog?
start my 40-day focus plan
blog plan organized
atelier cleaned
old laptop dusted off & put to use
download baseball pictures & edit
organize pictures on computer
pool time EVERY day
walk EVERY morning
no sugar, no flour, no fried foods
cook dinner
call Barrie
change purses
organize closet (will that project EVER end???)
May & June bookpages
link books in JHW blog
golf cart checked
return PC baker
pack office for recarpet
bunker furniture installed
start writing my book... OH MY!!!



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