Sunday, June 26, 2011

Desk Shot: packing... TBD.

a suitcase will be my "desk" this week, minus the kitty cat (but isn't she cute?).  I won't be leaving until the week after next, and when exactly remains to be figured out.  Sadly, my father in Florida passed away Thursday a week ago.  His arrangements are still being ironed out, but the intent is for one service (yes, there will be more than one) to be held July 10th.  If the other service - a burial at a military cemetery, can be coordinated around that same time, I will be able to attend both.  It has been a wait & see game since getting the news...

My son & husband are heading to Florida for a baseball tournament later this week.  I'm staying home for work & hope to join them later.  With the funeral arrangements up in the air, so are my plans...  I'll probably fly now.  And instead of joining them Monday, the 4th, I'll be joining them Wednesday, we think.  If I'm heading from the tournament Saturday to Florida for the one service Sunday, well... we don't know yet.  So at some point this week, I'm packing a suitcase that my husband will take with him and I will meet up with later. 

What. A. Big. Question. Mark. I. Am. Right. Now.


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