Wednesday, March 5, 2014



I woke up @ 4a in a panic because I realized I had committed to giving my son & his friend a ride to school BUT I was supposed to be in the city for a designer's seminar @ 9a.  I frantically messaged the parent of the kid I was supposed to give a ride, as well as another parent asking them to fill in for me.  Then I struggled to go back to sleep.

Despite my best intentions, I left 15 minutes later than I wanted to.  Had to stop for gas AND a large cup of coffee.

Terrible traffic.  Horrible, actually.  The GPS detoured me to surface streets and took me back to the interstate almost exactly where I exited.  WHAT???  Not to mention the little re-route added another 25 minutes to my drive!  I quit listening to the darn thing & went some back roads I'm familiar with - if I had only gone that way to begin with, I wouldn't have gotten caught in that mess at all.  #needtotrustmyinstincts

Forgot today was Ash Wednesday & the beginning of the Lenten season.  I haven't given much (ok, any) thought to what my sacrifices are this year, so I'm in a mad scramble to come up with something...  I'm thinking going vegan and foregoing any unnecessary shopping.  So!  The first thing I do when I get to the seminar is buy one of the speaker's books.  After listening to the panel discussion, I decide to buy another speaker's book.  $87 and a serving of Asian Chicken Salad later, I have thoroughly botched Lent on the very first day.  ~sigh~

Thinking I'm clever, I grab a bottled water to carry with me all day throughout the seminar.  Somehow the damn cap wasn't on right & I spilled half of it in my purse.  IN MY PURSE!  Everything is soaked and water is dripping out of the bottom.  Really???  Ugh.

My son texts me in a panic that he needs his uniform after school for pictures.  WTH?  When did this get announced?  With all the damn communication options, no one thought to let the parents know?

I am exhausted - truly, bone weary exhausted.  I can barely make it thru the final presentation.  I drive home in a daze, come into the house, strip out into my jammies lickety split and climb into bed.  I "nap" for an hour & half, wake up & try to salvage the rest of the evening here @ 7:30p.  What. A. Day.

But, all the bad things aside, something really good happened, too:  I'm inspired to get back to this blog, to make it what I'm dreaming it is in my head!  I've spent the first 2 months of the year thinking about what I'm going to focus on this year and I'm ready to stop thinking and start doing...  I'm thinking this is my Lenten sacrifice:  procrastination.


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