Monday, May 13, 2013


What a weight off my mind to have finally, after several weeks of scraps of notes hither & yon, to have taken the time to organize my thoughts into my never-ending-compilation-of-lists.


This year has been a whirlwind:  WTH happened?

I intended for 2013 to be different.  I was going to focus & accomplish.  The plan was to dedicate every month to a project, but here it is May (May!) and I'm floundering.   

Yeah, I know, "it's the nature of the beast" (the beast being work), but I refuse to resign myself to "this is my life," "it is what it is."  I will check some things off the list this year.  I will stay focused & I will NOT be dissuaded by life.  I manage pretty good but as my birthday looms near (2 weeks away), I think of the weight I haven't lost, the 5Ks I haven't trained for, the book I haven't written... same ol' same ol' resolutions that don't get done! 


At least work is going well!  :)


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