Sunday, November 17, 2013


Just paid my credit card.  Kinda shocked (but not really):  $600 in one month.  REflecting, cause I'm wondering what the hell I bought in the last month because nothing in particular comes to mind...

OK, not true.  I bought a pair of kick-@ss Calvin Klein boots and a beast Coach back-pack.  But I didn't need either - was simply a shopportunity that I convinced myself I had to take.

Which brings me to another point that's been making me ponder of late:  cutting back.  I think this is normal this time of year, cuz, as the holidays approach, we start to think about what we want v. what we need v. what we'll give v. what we're willing to spend on it all.

After a frivolous month long spending spree, I am pretty much thinking I don't want or need a darn thing.  I say this all the time so this really isn't anything new.  Maybe, tho, I can challenge myself to stick with it this time.


Another cause for REflection, is wondering what exactly am I going to do with my life this next year?  I'm ready for a change - a BIG change - but I'm standing still.  I'm just thinking about it, not moving forward with it.  Hmmm, what do I need to do to get me to take that first step, that giant leap of faith?

This is crazy, right?

WWITACTD?  (that stands for What Would I Tell A Client To Do?):  I would tell him/her to "make it happen."


Ok.  Decision made.  Here we go!  I'm going to Make It Happen.

So.  Let's roll.


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