Wednesday, January 1, 2014


REsolutions, REvelations, REservations...

Those words have become my theme for starting a new year.  Well, really, any new beginning.

2014 needs to be a new beginning for me so lets add one more word:  REflections.

I've had a tough year.  It hasn't been good.  I've been beaten down & I wallowed in defeat.  I don't like that.  So, I took some time to be introspective and REalized I needed to make a better effort to bring on those life-changers I've been thinking about, mulling over, contemplating, but not acting on.  No drastic giant leap of faith (yet), but daily baby steps in the right direction.


I read recently that REsolutions are a waste of time and energy, that our behaviors tend to not change, no matter our good intentions.  We should instead concentrate on ONE major goal - a bucket list item - and work on achieving that this year.  Hmmm...  something to consider...  if I were to focus on one bucket list item (there are so many!), I think it would be write to be published, so that's going to be my focus for accomplishment this year.  I've already set up a meeting with a freelance writer to pick her brain on how to get started.  Blogging regularly (as I keep promising) is another activity in that direction.  Starting and keeping a journal is another way to get more comfortable so I've set a goal to journal every day.  I'm not looking for an income as much as I'm looking for my voice.  I'm REsolving to stop dreaming about the stories in my head & start writing them down.

Jon Acuff challenged his readers to partake in "30 Days of Hustle" and today, Day 1, the kick-off, he encouraged everyone to pick ONE thing, a goal, we're going to focus on over the next 30 days and challenge ourselves to do something daily that propels us toward accomplishing that goal.  Today's assignment is to pick that ONE thing and declare it!  Well, not really.  That is an option via his Facebook page, if you are so inclined, but what you really must do is write it down & post it where you will see it EVERYDAY.  It should be a REflection of your personal goals & values, and it needs to be specific.  I've really done some soul searching on this one because I've had just a tough, mentaling draining year so I feel like my goal should be something towards making that necessary drastic life change, but my heart isn't in it just yet.  I'm feeling very discombobulated so it seems fitting that I should get that confusion in order first.  I've REsolved to spend the next 30 days working on "paper organization."  Bleh.  How boring, right?  Well, my thoughts are this:

  • 1) it is a necessary evil I'm severely behind on;
  • 2) being disorganized, paper-wise, inhibits my other goals - I can't be creative if my idea file is in 4 different drawers filed under 4 different names; I can't work on my son's graduation memory book if my pictures are everywhere but in an album; I can't get my finances in order if I don't know where my receipts and statements are...  See what I mean?
  • 3) how can I seriously present myself as a successful, professional expert on business development and space planning if I am an behind-the-scenes disheveled mess?  Now, let's be clear - my papers ARE collected together into like materials, as I encourage my clients to do when we're working on getting them organized.  But my buck has stopped there.  Whereas I coach my clients to take the next step & organize their collected materials into specific categories, I've kinda-sorta fallen off that wagon.  It's become a "someday" project for many years now and I've decided it needs to be a higher priority.  Hello, "someday is now."  ~sigh~
  • 4) REmember this is a 30-day challenge, not a year long challenge.  If hustle thru this & accomplish it in 30 days (which I can - and will - do), I am opening myself up to focusing on something else afterwards (getting out of debt, starting a fitness program, building my client base...)

I "met" Ali Edwards through my scrapbooking interest (temporarily abandoned now, but not forgotten and NOT forfeited!) - she's one of the greats and is highly acclaimed for her creativity.  Many years ago I learned of her annual one little word focus initiative - the idea is to pick a word as your focus word for the year, something that REpresents your passion, interest, goals, values, etc.  I've thought about it over the years, but have never partaken.  I'm not going to register for her program, but I am REsolved to participate in my own little way.  The words that have come to mind are "authentic" (because I need to concentrate on staying true to myself, "focus" because I need to FOCUS, very much indeed, and "craft" because I need to hone my craft(s).  I'm going to write all 3 down on separate pieces of paper, shuffle them & pick one.  Whichever one I pick is the winner.  Here goes...

FOCUS it is.  Well, whaddya know.  

Facebookers are sharing some interesting thoughts of 2014:  "7" is the number of perfection, so "14" is double perfection.  Apparently, this year is supposed to be super-perfect, doubly-perfect year!  Interestingly enough, in Numberology, 2+0+1+4 = 7.  Coincidence?  I've decided not.  And I'm REsolved to make the most of it.

Another phenomena on the 'net is tonight's new moon.  Rarely does a new moon appear on January 1.  The last one was 19 years ago.  Due to some recent heartache, I've learned lives can change drastically in a minute, so 19 years seems like a very long time to me right now.  If this new moon on the first day of the new year is special & promising, I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  Hail to the new moon, hail to the new year.

Insanity is doing the same thing over & over, yet expecting a different result.  Um, that sounds like stupidity to me and I am REsolved to not waste another year - another day - being stupid.  I have too much life in me to live, so, hey, 2014, bring it!


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