Sunday, September 30, 2012

hello, again!

Really shouldn't be surprised to see it's been almost a year since I blogged.  I was really playing w/the idea of deleting "desk" and rolling what I do here (or what I don't do here!) into another blog altogether.  But, as tempting as it would be to have just "one home for everything," I cannot do it.

Other folks do it.  Why can't I?

Here's a GREAT example of a blog that combines work, business, creative and family all in one: Dear Lizzy.  I stumbled upon Elizabeth Kartchner YEARS ago & I find her so inspiring that despite her being a decade younger than me, I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I have praddled the thought of bringing desk together with my lifestyle blog, Tchotchskes, but it didn't feel right, so I've kinda been hanging on, waiting to see if I could make it work in my head.  That's what I do when I'm stuck:  I step away, clear my head and usually have an epiphany.  Hmmm.  After almost a year, no epiphany.  So here we are.  We're sticking with desk.

Even I think it's ridiculous that I have 5 active blogs (yeah, I seriously do).  And it's worse that I started another one yesterday (so, yes, that'd be 6).  Oh. My. Gosh. What. Am. I. Thinking?   

The 6th blog is connected to a new obsession - as if I needed anything new on my plate - researching my heritage.  Or trying to research my heritage.  Not easy when you know nothing about one side of your family and find out you don't know everything you thought you did about the other...  I've been at it a little over a month & got suckered into paying for a subscription to so am trying to get everything out of it I can.  It's not just time consuming, it's on the brink of being addictive.  I catch myself checking in several times a day to see if any new leaves have popped up on my tree and have joined quite a few groups on Facebook hoping for inspiration on what to check next.  Spent yesterday in an all day seminar on the "Technology of Genealogy."  ~sigh~  Why can't I just get my feet wet?  Why do I seem unable to resist jumping in over my head???

Last week I had some quiet time at home so did my infamous Brain Dump.  Trust me, it was absolutely necessary!  I realized I had several boxes & piles of "To Do" stuff going on so I gathered it together and just went through one thing at a time.  It took me all day!

It was chaos.

But I had help.

And this is how I worked - it was a BEAUTIFUL day!  (whoops!  Is that Facebook up on my screen?  I'm sure it was a project related page, haha)