Sunday, May 29, 2011

Desk Shot: It's the little things...

It's the little things that are getting on my nerves today...  the mail to be sorted, the stack of boxes to be recycled, the "to be returned" pile accumulating by the door, the lamp I bought 2 weeks ago that I still haven't put together.  Today is the "the day!"  Then it's off to lunch & a movie with some girlfriends in honor of my 46th birthday.  Yay!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Desk Shot: high aspirations

I've not been blogging lately...  distracted with a long to-do-list.  My work life has overtaken my focus & my mind.  Even days when I took time off for "me," I've ended up working, just not in the office.  I need 2 things, right now:  to finish it all up so I can free up some time and I need some time away.  Really, really away.

My desk shot is a nod to my new, albeit high, aspirations.  All of these books are on my priority to read list but I can't seem to get started.  I'm a bedtime reader - it's how I relax - so I'm totally unmotivated to read any of these books as a means of escape.  Instead, I'm going to take them, one by one, to work & read a chapter during my lunch hour. Mostly motivated to do this so I can take notes, if I'm compelled to - and I'm expecting to be compelled to.

Yesterday I took a portrait photography class.  It was interesting but I didn't learn $75 - wait, make that $78 due to the $3 fee of paying via PayPal, which I was required to do because this was my first class - worth of portrait taking.  The main thing I learned is that I don't know my camera well enough...  that is absolutely my next priority.  The other thing I learned is that I can take good portrait shots!  I know cuz I did.  And I needed that boost of confidence.  But then I got bored and I cut it short by an hour & a half.  Probably not a good thing but my son was playing a baseball game & the lure of being there instead of where I was took over.  So I bailed.

But I'm going to put the 2 hours I did give it to good use Tuesday when I take pictures of a friend's daughter for her graduation.  Stepping out of my element, which is a good thing & part of my goals for 2011.  So there.

After 2 days of non-stop baseball, I've got a ton of pictures to download & share with the other parents.  Making that a priority this week.

My personal to-do-list is quite long... Tonight, I'll tackle that.  It will be done before I go to bed.  Including getting my niece's & nephew's late birthday presents together to be mailed.  This is ridiculous.  One's birthday was in March & the other's was 2 weeks ago.  Really????  Yes, really.  I'm a terrible aunt.

I'd like to see a movie this week, if we can work it in.  The new Pirates movie is out and would make a good escape for me & my son.  This week is all about me!  My birthday is Friday so I'm entitled.  Hello, 46.