Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Desk Shot... belated...

This was my desk shot Thursday of last week, Thanksgiving Day.  I was working, which is NOT a bad thing, honestly.  Everyone expresses sympathy when I tell them that, but I really did not mind.  It was a good time to be alone with my thoughts, remind myself of my many, many blessings and map out the whirlwind of activity awaiting me through the rest of the year...  So a good day!  My desk shot shows me starting to map out Christmas (for me!, haha), my Troll Bead bracelet that I finally put together - I chose only those charms & beads that reflected the ocean as a tribute to my passion & fascination with it - and my camera because I needed to download my pictures and select which ones will make up our Christmas card this year...  Mission Accomplished on all 3.  Cards are ready already, too.  I pick them up tonight (that's probably a hint of what the next Desk Shot is going to be, huh?).  What a load off...
In thinking thru this past year, I can't help but reflect on what I've NOT accomplished.  I set some high goals for myself and my mantra was "not again in 2010," but yet, here I am 11 months in & pretty much still at the same place.  Bummer!  Although I have not been un-productive, the things I swore I'd work on, seriously work on, change (go to church, eat healthier, start an exercise program, pay off my debt, simplify-&-declutter...) have just not been enough of a focus.  More of a constant nagging that I conveniently ignored.  ~sigh~
So, I have one month to get my head on, map out a plan to make some serious changes, work on SELF-DISCIPLINE (obviously a short coming of mine) and get my butt in gear.  Shrugging off "not again in 2010" and adopting "Focus Seven in 2011."
More on this later...


Sunday, November 28, 2010

a lllooonnnggg weekend spent...

  • Organizing my son's science project
  • Sorting thru thousands (no exaggeration!) of photos in search of the perfect ones for this year's Christmas card
  • Bursting into tears because we just don't have enough room right now for the house to meet our needs and the thought of spending $20-$30k to get it there just flat out depresses me
  • Shopping for Christmas, which inadvertently leads to shopping for me (such great deals!)... which then caused some moments of panic when I realized I've already spent over $1000k and haven't even bought the "big stuff" yet... yikes!
  • Re-a-ranging the study to make room for the Christmas tree (which is what caused the "bursting into tears" and the "moments of panic," but honest, all's well now!)
Still to do:
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Call my dad in Florida
  • Outline a contract for work.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Desk Shot: 11/19/20

I honestly have no idea what happened...  today, while knocking out some of my ever-present, never-done to-do-list, my blog popped into my head.  How could I have forgotten it???  I truly did!  I've been so busy and focused on work that I just totally forgot about this... forgot about my weekly desk shot, forgot about posting my to-do-list, then bragging about what I accomplished.  So odd!  Especially since I've been quite the list-checker-offer these past few weeks.  Huh.  I'm cornfused (yes, I intentionally spelled that "corn-fused," and no, I have no idea why).

So here I sit on a Friday night - in my jammies, in my bed, with the laptop poised and some thoughts running thru my brain...  a long, long list of what needs to be done:  starting HERE.  The bedside table.  Not just because it's my desk tonight, but because it represents one of my biggest challenges these days: my to read list.  And my laundry pile.  And my housekeeping nudge.  And my stay-connected station.  And my bible study workstation.  And my tickler to take care of myself (diet, exercise AND beauty sleep).  There is also a very special photograph on this night stand...  a photo of my beloved grandmother.  I miss her so!!!  And she was, and still is, such an inspiration to me.  She keeps me motivated so I like her here, near me, as a reminder every morning when I wake and every night before I sleep, that I'm to do my best, and to stay focused, and to not give up.

Lots of significance on this little cabinet.  Absolutely tons of it.