Thursday, September 23, 2010

This week's desk shot

Aahhh... chaotic bliss???  Not exactly at the moment but hopefully Saturday I'll be jumping in the air to click my heels!  This is what I've dredged from the basement with optimistic anticipation of a worth-my-time-cuz-of-the-dough-I'll-make neighborhood yard sale.  I've been at it for 2 days now - despite the disorganized looking mess, it really is quite organized, and I'm on schedule, thank goodness.  Yesterday was the gathering, today is the grouping (and cleaning - ugh!), tomorrow is the tagging and Saturday @ 6a is the placing.  So far, it's cost me $20, 3 days vacation, some sweat, some disappointment, some melancholy tears, some reprimanding (of myself & my husband)...  And this collection is just a dent in what's left in the basement, but let's not worry about that until next year, 'k?


Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Bag Lady Cometh...

This is me EVERYDAY for the past few weeks, slugging (yes, slugging, not just "lugging") tons of "intentions" back & forth to work.  How ridiculous!  Well, as of 2 days ago, this is will be me NO MORE.  I've spent this weekend going thru every scrap of paper, weeding out what is unnecessary - foolhardy! - and am forcing myself to get down to ONE tote.  ONE.  Well, and my purse.  My purse is being used a tote in this picture (actually, that happens alot) - see the book?  That's because my "bags" were too full & too heavy already.  And, well, also, to remind me not to forget cuz the book was on it's way home, being returned to the friend that lent it to me, finally, after having finished it a week before.  ~sigh~

This will serve as my "desk shot" of the week because this represents a huge part of my "work."  What I load myself down with to accomplish "when I get a minute"...  Good intentions, bad idea.

As of today: The Bag Lady Goeth.

Monday, September 6, 2010

desk shot Sunday, er, Monday

Happy Labor Day!  Did you "labor" today or did you take advantage of the day off to enjoy some fun times with family and friends?  Me?  I toiled...  I toiled in a day at home with absolutely nothing on the agenda.  A day of back-to-back Perry Mason movies while I whittled away the hours in my atelier attempting to get something, anything!, done.

And I was successful.

Although my 30-day challenge is already a flop (I've not walked the dog everyday, I've not read the Bible once, I've drank coke and spent some money... ~sigh~), I don't consider it a failure.  Failure would be to give up, and I have not.  Instead, I'm participating in my life more consciously.  I'm staying in focus and paying attention to choices & decisions.  It is a WONDERFUL feeling!  Wonderful, truly, even if only to be able to look back on how I spent my day & what I accomplished with no regrets, no shoulda-coulda-wouldas...  Awesome, truly awesome!

One of my biggest struggles of late has been having time slip away from me, so one of my first "living consciously" tasks was to get my to-do-list under control.  This was the key to taking charge.  I had gotten so out of whack with what I needed to do, and when I could do it, that I couldn't get anything done except was an immediate need right in front of me.

I have a long way to go, trust me, but this one task that seems so obvious was eluding me until I just stopped everything and focused on it.  Sweet Relief!!!  I feel like I have a plan...  finally.  No more wandering aimlessly.  One foot in front of the other.  Baby steps.

Hence, the picture of my day planner.  I'm old school with this one.  As much as I use and rely on technology - and embrace it! - I haven't yet given up on the old fashioned, traditional, from thought-to-finger, from pen to paper, task & calendar keeper to-do-list.  I've tried electronic versions, more than once, but find myself lost, and quickly.  So back to the daily grind of a day planner I go.  And without shame.  With relief, actually.  Sweet Relief!

Checking this one vital item off my list has opened the door for some other projects to be completed before week's end:  I've purged my closet, finally, and made much needed room for my recent abundance of self-indulgent new clothes I've added to my collection, finally.  And I tackled the a-massed piles of papers off my worktable (a few entries back - I think my first "desk shot," actually), finally.  The file boxes I bought several weeks ago have been put to use, finally, housing these a-massed papers into organized categories.  Finally.  The to-sell-at-the-yard-sale list is developing AND a call into a contractor to start the negotiations and bidding for our building out was, finally, made (altho the appointment has yet to be confirmed).  Oh, and I submitted, finally, my application for Mart access,and finally!, received confirmation of acceptance!  THAT has been on my to-do-list forever!!!  I made the time, got up the nerve is more like it, to spend some time perusing the annual book festival after 4 years of having it on my to-do-list (why was I so timid before?  I'm usually not timid about things like this at all!).  Today, finally today, we sat down with our son, after 4 weeks of school, and given him some much needed and clear direction of our expectations and his responsibilities so he will not only succeed in his classes, but may also "earn" his allowance, finally, and hopefully, learning some valuable lessons about the value of money - a "finally," and an "Amen!" on that one.

So a busy and productive week.  And I'm rewarding myself with something wonderful and long coveted - a cherry red garden stool from Pottery Barn!  I just clicked the "confirm order" before coming here.  A reward AND an anniversary present (since my husband didn't buy me anything, *pout*). 

Ok, ok, OK!  On the to-do-list goes "learning to link w/one word so I don't have to type out the entire address."


Saturday, September 4, 2010

something to consider

"The people I know personally who cannot sit down and chill out for a while are people who have not really come to terms with their emotional, inner story. They’re staying a step ahead of it. I did that through my twenties and thirties. In my forties, I stopped working so hard for a bit and confronted a certain amount of stuff about myself. I think that one of the impetuses for working outrageously hard and traveling constantly and always being on deadline is that your personality can’t catch up with you."  ~Sebastian Junger~