Sunday, February 3, 2013

revelations, revolutions, resolutions

Started 2013 with the REVELATION that this year has to be different.  Otherwise, I am just spinning my wheels in mud.  I carry the same goals from year to year & I don't accomplish them, and the few steps I do take are just steps - small steps.  It gets old.

So, I'm starting a REVOLUTION to make some serious changes to seriously accomplish some serious goals.  A new year towards a new me.  I am going to do this!

My RESOLUTION is to be better than I've been before & to check some things of that ever-growing laundry list of things undone. 


Step 1 is to FIND MY WHY.  Why do I want to accomplish a certain goal?  What's in it, truly, for me?  Once I find my why, I gotta remember my why.

I made a list of things I want to do this year and ended up with 13 items on the list.  Hmmm, 13 is soooo close to 12, what if I prioritized them & then tackled one thing a month?  Instead of pursuing 13 different things every day, I could focus on just one at a time...  (for the record, I've thought of this before, but I didn't map it out in my mind.  I just thought about it.  AND, back then, my intent was to dedicate days of the week to certain tasks, like Monday is house care, Tuesday is finance, Wednesday is crafts, etc.  FYI, it didn't work out too well...).

In 2013, my focus goals are:
  1. Master Photoshop - took a basic class last year, this year I will apply it.  I have to.  My job requires it (there's my why).
  2. Get Organized - I actually did this in December getting ready for the holidays so can check it off the list.  Trick is to stay on top of it so it doesn't get out of control again.  Hmmm....
  3. Become an Ebay Seller - part of my Live Debt Free ultimate plan.   
  4. Create!  I have a slew of started projects & unpursued ideas.  Gotta get them out of the attic (my mind) & into fabrication. 
  5. Learn more about Photography - I have owned a Canon Rebel xTi for about 5 years and still only use it as a point & shoot.  WTH?
  6. Genealogy - joining the local genealogy society...  subscribing to online programs...  attending webinars... reading books...  finding episodes of Who Do You Think You Are on Netflix or YouTube...  anything that will help me discover my family heritage on my father's side.  It is not fun to wonder who you are & from whence you came!
  7. Study Health - really study it.  Know it.  Understand nutrition.  Make better choices.  Find an exercise program I can be passionate about.  Transition from wanna-be to gonna-be.
  8. Learn to Grill - no explanation required 
  9. Gain Control of our Finances - a must do!  Close old accounts, understand our investments, remove unnecessary fees, cut spending clutter (do we really need a landline anymore?), set up a filing system, meet w/our financial planner, learn about the stock market, file our taxes, set goals for our money... GET OUT OF DEBT.   How nice would that be???  
  10. Research Writing Opportunities & Careers - 'nuff sed.
  11. Scrapbook - not the same as #4 Create; I have tons of stuff to organize & get into the memory books and I plan to take an entire month & focus on only that.  CANNOT WAIT.
  12. Business Planning & Development - get my plans & goals down on paper and start truly pursuing this business instead of just thinking about it all the time (this needs to be sooner, rather than later).
  13. Learn HTML & Web Design - signed up for a class...  wish me luck.  I'm going to need it.
I have other goals, like give up sugar, exercise every day, put myself on a budget, eat out less, blog every week (I know: fail already)...

Some mottos & words to live by in 2013:
Live consciously & purposefully & with integrity

Know Your Why

Take Care